Les Lundis d’Hortense

lesllundisdhortenseLes Lundis d’Hortense is an association of jazz musicians to promote the Belgian jazz scene as well as its musicians since 1976.
Each year, from October until May, Les Lundis organises 9 tours for their carefully selected bands.
This ‘Jazz Tour’ highlights the richness and the quality of a growing Belgian jazz scene.

The new tour will also present two Jazzpresso artists:

Jan De Haas Vibes
Quartet Swing and lyricism are the key ingredients of this band which honors the heritage of the Modern Jazz Quartet.
New CD ‘Dreams Ago’ (WERF – oct.2014)

Ivan Paduart Trio
Lyrical and catchy melodies, rich and well-designed harmonies and precise arrangements are the main characteristics of the music played by the Ivan Paduart Trio.
New CD ‘Enivrance’ (Mons records – sept.2015)


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